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The vouchers platform that’s easy to use, makes funds go further and promotes choice and dignity.

If you are a local authority, housing association or charity, Huggg supports you to get essential vouchers out to those in need.

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From grocery and energy vouchers to household essentials and cash advances, join the hundreds of organisations using Huggg.
Nottinghamshire County Council
"The process is so easy, once a request is made, a parent can receive their voucher within minutes. Huggg is well thought out having the ability to provide vouchers by text, email or hard copy. They are GDPR compliant and give schools and councils the option to use parents contact details to send vouchers directly to them or for councils to retain this data to send vouchers to parents."
Irene Kakoullis, Group Manager for Early Childhood Services and Covid Winter Grant Scheme lead
St. Francis Of Assisi
"Huggg's platform has been really easy to use. We got access right away, parents don't need to log in to get their vouchers and the money for unused vouchers is returned to your account so you can buy more. The team has been friendly and helpful every step of the way, making an uncertain time feel a bit more manageable."
Debbie Potts, School Business Manager
Trafford Council
"We are very pleased with the quality of the Huggg platform, the system administration is straight forward and reliable and we appreciate the responsiveness of the Huggg team. The process for end users, from receiving the link code to generating a voucher for their preferred supermarket, is intuitive and user friendly and we have received very positive feedback from schools and families."
Monica Tandon, Senior FIS Officer
North Northamptonshire County Council
“Huggg has provided an outstanding service to North Northamptonshire County Council. The Huggg system is very user friendly and simple to use in terms of the physical distribution of vouchers. Huggg also provides excellent coverage in terms of the supermarkets at which the vouchers can be used.”
Chris Wickens, Head of School Place Planning & School Admissions

Don't just take our word for it

Enterprise grade security

We hold the UK’s highest level of security accreditations for data handling to keep your information safe.
ISO 27001

The international standard on how to manage information and data security.


The highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme.

How Huggg works

We make it really easy for organisations of all sizes to send vouchers to individuals or at scale.  Here's how:

Step 1: Shop
Step 2: Select value
Step 3: Personalise
Step 4: Check out
Step 5: Share
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How Huggg works

We make it really easy for organisations of all sizes to send vouchers to individuals or at scale.  Here's how:

Why choose Huggg

Customer support for you and your recipients
Save time - upload CSV files to send to multiple recipients
Access a range of vouchers send via SMS, email or print
Scaleable - send from one to thousands of vouchers
Detailed tracking and financial data for reporting
Funds go further - unused vouchers refunded
Access a secure system you and your people can trust
Sleep easy knowing we’re GDPR friendly
Empower managers with  teams and budgets

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for here, head to live chat or book a call below.
How do I set up an account?
You can create a free welfare account by clicking here.

Once you’ve created your account you may find the below articles helpful to get you started:

How do I top up my account?

How to share welfare vouchers

How do I add team members and create subteams?

Or, take a look at our YouTube channel for visual guides!
What vouchers are available?
All of our vouchers offer a large range of denominations to suit all budgets and can be used in some of the leading UK supermarkets, retailers and outlets.
We offer:

Grocery vouchers
School uniform vouchers
Clothing vouchers
Home essentials vouchers
ATM cash vouchers
PayPoint, Post Office & Mastercard Energy
ash advance vouchers

Use our help centre to find out everything you'll need to know about the vouchers and how to send them with ease, here!
Am I able to send cash to recipients?
Yes, you can. Our ATM cash voucher option allows individuals to withdraw cash without needing a bank card or account.

Click here for a step by step guide.
How do I train my team to send vouchers?
We'd be happy to show you! It only takes a few minutes. Drop us a message at to set up a call.
What happens if a voucher is not redeemed? Do we get refunded?
If the recipient does not redeem* their voucher before the expiry date you have set is reached, the voucher will show as expired and will not be useable.

The amount allocated to the voucher will be automatically re-credited to your account. The recipient may contact you to ask that you re-issue the voucher. Please note that Huggg cannot issue or re-issue vouchers on your behalf.

*A voucher is considered redeemed at the point a supermarket is selected.
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