Supporting Voucher Disbursement for Key Organisations

Huggg has been supporting local authorities, housing associations, and charities to disburse retail vouchers to those in need, for the last two years.

Case Studies

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Take a look at our case studies and discover how Huggg has delivered voucher schemes for these organisations.

Housing 21 used Huggg for their Support Payments Scheme - Helping Hands

Discover how Housing 21 is using to Huggg to help deliver their award winning Helping Hands fund to residents, cutting admin time and giving residents the support they need.

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Citizens Advice Bureau - North Oxfordshire used Huggg for voucher payments

Find out how this branch of the Citizens Advice is using Huggg to support those in need with retail vouchers, giving recipients more choice and reducing the team's admin time.

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Disbursing Vouchers for Essential Goods Wallingford Food Bank

Find out how this food bank successfully managed a 50% increase in use of their services, using vouchers to support Ukrainian refugees with food and grocery vouchers.

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Sending out Vouchers for Essential Goods HOMELINK Lewes

This housing charity for the homeless uses Huggg to enable clients to buy essential goods, household items and energy as they are moving into their new home.

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Huggg - Disbursing Household Support Funding for Age UK Bury

Discover how this small organisation with a big reach disbursed a significant amount of their HSF allocation, getting grocery and energy vouchers to pensioners in their area.

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Why Choose Huggg for Voucher Disbursement?

We could talk about the positive effect we’ve had on the people who receive our retail vouchers, or the reduction in the administrative burden for the organisations we work with, but we think it’s better for you to hear it directly from the people who use our services. 

Here’s what our clients have to say about Huggg and the impact it’s had on their organisations and the communities they serve.

Nottinghamshire County Council
"The process is so easy, once a request is made, a parent can receive their voucher within minutes. Huggg is well thought out having the ability to provide vouchers by text, email or hard copy. They are GDPR compliant and give schools and councils the option to use parents contact details to send vouchers directly to them or for councils to retain this data to send vouchers to parents."
Irene Kakoullis, Group Manager for Early Childhood Services and Covid Winter Grant Scheme lead
St. Francis Of Assisi
"Huggg's platform has been really easy to use. We got access right away, parents don't need to log in to get their vouchers and the money for unused vouchers is returned to your account so you can buy more. The team has been friendly and helpful every step of the way, making an uncertain time feel a bit more manageable."
Debbie Potts, School Business Manager
Trafford Council
"We are very pleased with the quality of the Huggg platform, the system administration is straight forward and reliable and we appreciate the responsiveness of the Huggg team. The process for end users, from receiving the link code to generating a voucher for their preferred supermarket, is intuitive and user friendly and we have received very positive feedback from schools and families."
Monica Tandon, Senior FIS Officer
Northamptonshire County Council
“Huggg has provided an outstanding service to Northamptonshire County Council. The platform allowed for the distribution of in excess of 13,000 individual vouchers. The Huggg system is very user friendly and simple to use in terms of the physical distribution of vouchers. Huggg also provides excellent coverage in terms of the supermarkets at which the vouchers can be used.”
Chris Wickens, Head of School Place Planning & School Admissions
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